Summer Stories

We have always loved open ended playing opportunities & Summer Stories flashcards are simply great. Its the perfect learning tool with lots of fun learning involved in it.

Did you know summer sorties have amazing flashcards sets from age 0 to 8 years.

They have a wide variety of sets which are the perfect go to for learning at home. A real boredom buster but also fantastic as a learning tool to enrich your play based learning spaces.

With so many sets to choose from there really is a set to match the interests of your children too.

These flashcards not only helps your child learn but also helps in prompting language and conversation starters, research facts and more, while incorporating these beautiful cards into play and learning. 

Shivaansh totally love them & I’m sure your child will love it too..!!

Don’t Forget To Take a look at their full range on their website

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