Things You Should Invest In During Pregnancy

Things you Must invest during pregnancy

Being pregnant is wonderful and miraculous, but it comes with quite a few discomforts, aches and pains, a million unanswered questions—and suddenly all your clothes don’t fit. There are a few essential items you need when you are expecting that will make the experience more healthy and comfortable.

1.) Pregnancy Pillow
With the growing tummy a pregnancy pillow will be of great support for you to sleep comfortably. Pregnancy pillows come in various shapes, sizes, textures, and softness/firmness. It’s best to go to a store to try a few out. You’ll likely only need one during pregnancy.

2.) Maternity Clothing
You can be tempted to buy a whole new wardrobe when you are pregnant, but that isn’t necessary. If you are looking to stick to the basics, a week’s worth of pants and tops are all you really need, along with a few new bigger bras. As you make your purchases, keep in mind that you will likely wear your maternity pants for quite a while after your baby is born, so it makes sense to invest in a few solid pairs that you like and that are comfortable.

3.) Pregnancy App
Baby Center is the app I personally used & loved. This is available free of cost in any smart phone or tab/ipad. This is one app that helped me & gave me all information I wanted to know & kept me updated with my child’s weekly growth.

4.) Pre Natal Classes
This is a must investment. Being a first time mom i had many questions on my mind, also wanted an explanation to believe in myths and old wives tales and something that answered every single question & cleared all my doubts was the pre natal program i signed up for. It made me feel so confident that i was well prepared to deliver my child & take care without any fear.

Prenatal class I enrolled for was @sonalishivlani

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