Self Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring on a roller coaster of emotions, from extreme anxiety to overwhelming joy… all in the span of the same few minutes. Allow yourself to rest and enjoy the experience. Before you know it, you’ll be a mom with a brand-new baby in your arms!

During pregnancy, a woman should have a balance diet. Adding about 200 calories a day, post-second trimester to the daily diet is usually considered sufficient to provide nourishment for both the mother to be and the foetus. Eating small, frequent meals throughout the pregnancy is important as you are expected to gain between 11-16 kilos, depending on your initial weight. Most of the extra calories should be protein as they are the building blocks.

Skin Care
You skin doesn’t needs much as the hormones keeps it glowing but The skin glands could get more active during pregnancy and tend to perspire more. So Frequent bath can help you feel fresh.

Stretch Marks
Pregnancy often makes your body grow faster than your skin can keep up with, leading to the breakage of elastic fibres just under the surface of the skin causing stretch marks.
Lotion/ Cream – The idea is to keep your skin hydrated with a rich lotion or cream. I prefer bio oil & palmer stretch mark cream.

Hair Care
Just like your skin your hair will look gorgeous without extra care but the oil glands also increase their secretions and the hair tends to get oily more often thereby requiring frequent shampoo will help. Since I’m the lazy type i always kept dry shampoo handy..!!

It differs from person to person where it comes to sleep but I personally recommend to stick to a routine to have a smooth pregnancy.

A light workout & yoga is always helpful during pregnancy but always consult your gynaecologist before trying anything

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