Pregnancy During Lockdown

Being pregnant during this pandemic can make the expecting couples be worried about things.
From the health of the mother & child to things like consultation visits and delivery.

Here are some ways that can help the to-be-parents to keep anxiety at bay and ensure they have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Be aware:
The amount of information that’s circulated on social media and the news may get overwhelming. Please don’t let it take a troll over you. Limiting the time spent on social media and engaging the mind in more productive activities instead can kept you stay positive.

Consultation Visits:
It is advisable to limit consultation visits as most of the doctors are now available on video calls to help you and avoid stepping out for a consultancy.

Stay Active:
Staying active is very necessary during pregnancy but it’s advisable to be active as per your own personal level a few minutes walks in the house & attending prenatal classes @sonalishivlani are the best during this pandemic.

Eat Right:
A balanced meal with lots of fibre, protein, carbohydrates and at least two to three portions of fruits and vegetables is what works best for mom to be.

Family Matters:
During this pandemic being pregnant & going through that emotional roller coaster ride if someone can make things better is our own family members specially the husband. Go an extra mile to take care of the new mom to be by spending some extra time & supporting her in things around.

Alternative Arrangements:
Try and keep a back up plan for delivery with the growing amount of cases around consult your doctor specially before the last few week of your due date for an alternative hospital near you.
Small nursing homes in your neighbourhood may be a good option. “You don’t want to be in a situation where you are in labour and the hospital you rush to is sealed off.

Stay Positive:
Although we all have big plannings for our pregnancy like baby shower, babymoon, Photoshoot, etc which is not practically possible in these Chanting matras and spending quality time with family can help you keep anxiety at the bay. Remember good times are ahead.

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