Road Trip With Kids

I & my family love road trips as we find it more convenient specially travelling to places where there is no easy access to local transport. So Here is a list I created to help you plan better when you travel with kids.

While planning a road trip try and test a short trip to understand your child comfort. Make sure there are not too many travelling in a car, as a child always needs more space to feel comfortable while travelling.

I always believe in travelling light so here is a guide line for a road trip

  1. Car seat
  2. Diaper & Wipes
  3. First Aid kit
  4. Snack Box
  5. Water / Milk / Anti-spill Sipper 
  6. Sickness Bag
  7. Activity / Colouring Book & Stationery
  8. Thin blanket
  9. Favourite Toy
  10. Extra pair of clothes
  11. iPad 

Hope this list would help you to plan a great road trip.

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