Amma, Take Me To SHIRDI

I strongly believe that story telling is the most impactful way to build a child’s belief system & highly recommend books which are based on good values.

Enhance the religious vibes by reading stories by amazing mom of two BHAKTI MATUR, simply love all her books till now and currently reading the book from her new series “Amma, Take Me To SHIRDI“ 

Coming from a Hindu family where worshiping God has been a part of our day to day life. I always tried to keep a good mix of culture & values in Shivaansh since he was born or can say every since I knew I was expecting.

Shivaansh loves story time before sleeping and I have personally loved the mythology story book by BHAKTI With her amazing series of “Amma Tell Me” & Recently Launched “Amma Take Me To..” 

She has never failed to come up with interesting content for our little one but also made it fun reading by adding attractive images. These books are a must have, it helps us keep our kids connected to our roots and make them understand our rich heritage. They are easily available on & Now In US too at

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