🌿🌍🌊 Terra Brush 🌊🌍🌿

What switch have you made to go plastic free? 

We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need MILLIONS of people doing it imperfectly!’ ⁠ 

When lots of people take little steps- big things can happen. 

Switching to DIY, vegan, or naturally formulated products is not just better for you but is better for the world around you. Natural ingredients in recyclable containers mean that you can enjoy your beautifying regime without increasing your environmental impact.


Natural bamboo toothbrush from @terrabrush can help you to get a small shift in your day to day plastic use its the right choice for me & my family as it has charcoal soft bristle which are not harmful for daily use its made of bamboo which helps us to make a Eco friendly shift and say no to plastic each and every small step by all of us matters.

👅Copper Tongue Cleaner 👅 

Know the benefits of the ancient practice, indicated in the Vedic scriptures to clean your tongue: the tongue cleaner/scraper also known as “Jihwa Prakshalana”. Traditionally recommended by the Vedic scriptures for oral hygiene, it reduces unwanted bacteria in the mouth that can compromise the gums, teeth and oral health. As important as brushing and flossing, the Indian tongue cleaner should be a daily practice in everyone’s life! Get in the habit of shaving your tongue before each brushing and feel for yourself the benefits! You will never want to stop shaving your tongue! 

They are very affordable do checkout the collection of Terra Brush and you can easily buy them from

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