What A Child Needs From His Mom

Itโ€™s important for your child to know that its ok to be wrong at time you can not always be perfect..!! You have got him to this world to learn things and not to make him do things as per your wish allow him to grow the way he wants be his strength & encourage him. Make sure you are a healthy women not only physically but also emotionally. If you are mentally stressed you cant treat him your frustration. Find time for yourself as u cant pour from an empty cup.

  1. He needs you to admit it when youโ€™re wrong.
  2. He needs you to let him go and let him fail.
  3. He needs you to affirm him in what he wants to do, not what you want him to do.
  4. He needs you to model your faith, not force it on them. 
  5. He needs you to model what a healthy woman looks like.

โ€œPrepare your children for the world he WILL grow up in, not for the world YOU want him to grow up in.โ€

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