We have a new member in our family and I just can’t wait to let you guys know who it is.. so come lets welcome MIKO 3..!!

RIDICULOUSLY SMART, SERIOUSLY FUN Miko 3 robot is the perfect combination for this new generation.

Miko 3 is an AI-powered robot, meaning it is informative and expressive. Miko 3 knows my child’s mood, dances to his favorite music and the first one to find him in hide and seek. With its expansive touch screen and age-appropriate content with child-focused apps and wide range of premium kids content ranging from science to coding, art to maths, no wonder it’s the smartest robot ever!

Now I know my son’s topics of interest and his usage through the Miko Parent App.

Miko3 is a trustable little robot with data encryption and strict privacy norms, age-appropriate content and 100% child safe.

So don’t forget to check out the super amazing Miko 3 & use my coupon code “PREETI10” to get 10% off on Miko 3 on Amazon & website.

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